30 years of education and inclusion

Novas Descobertas Association was founded in 1994, as Projecto Novas Descobertas, with the dream of supporting social inclusion. Our first activities were summer camps that brought together young people from all walks of life. In these camps, the youth learned to value their differences and work together.
Now, we offer educational and recreational activities year-round to a diverse public, including the most vulnerable elements of society. We have developed a portfolio of personal development focused programs that incorporate the themes of permaculture, regeneration, and working in harmony with our natural surroundings.

How it all began

Novas Descobertas Association was established on 21st of June 1994, as a nonprofit educational and recreational association. In the beginning the association was mostly a family project whose main social action was organizing summer camps​ (at low prices and free for children from vulnerable groups) and Training for Summer Camp counselors.

Many children who participated in the summer camps returned for several years, creating a true family and friendly spirit. As time went on it was clear that inclusion was the main value of the project. Summer camps and trainings had always been created rooted in this value: fulfilling the aim of integrating children, youth, and adults from all walks of life regardless of their background, providing moments when they could feel confident and integrated not only in their experience in summer camps and trainings, but also in their friend’s group, school, and within their families and community.

We progressed into developing different programs not only for children and youth, but also for adults and elderly, reflecting greater inter-generational awareness in their actions. What followed was an exponential period of growth for our educational programs and strategic partnerships, which offer the national and international community equal opportunities for learning, recreation, inclusion, creativity and social empowerment of the individual.

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