The benefits of membership

Members of Novas Descobertas Association enjoy the following:

Learn for less

  Take part in our activities at a discounted price. Share these discounts with your family and friends.

Exclusive events for members

Join us for our events and get-togethers, which are only available to members of the association.

Create projects and activities

Propose courses and events that you want to see. If you agree with our values, we can do it together.

Members' responsibilities

We ask the following of our members:

Annual fee

€5 registration fee and €15 annual membership fee. Annual membership fees are valid until December 31st.

Participation in assemblies

Meetings in spring and fall to analyze and approve activity plans and budgets, decide on association matters and elect management bodies.

Sharing and promoting

Share what we do and support the cause of experiential education for all.

Join Novas Descobertas Association today!

Click on the button below to fill in the registration form. Don't forget that each new member has to pay a one-off registration fee of 5 euros and an annual fee of 15 euros. Payment methods and details are included in the registration form.

If you have any questions about membership, send us an email at