Connecting people with themselves, each other, and nature

Novas Descobertas Association delivers transformative, nature-connected learning experiences that promote personal development, create community connections, and encourage active citizenship, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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30 years of regenerative education

Novas Descobertas Association was known as Projecto Novas Descobertas from its founding in 1994 until recently. The name was changed to better reflect our evolution and growth as an organization. While our name and logo have changed, we still continue with the same commitment of offering quality educational programs for all.

We transform lives by enabling personal growth in nature

Human impact is taking an increasing toll on the planet and our societies. And in this increasingly digital age we live in, we find people becoming more and more disconnected from each other at precisely the time when we most need to pull together and work together to seek solutions that benefit our social and ecological systems.

Novas Descobertas Association helps people grow and transform personally while engaging with nature and helping their local ecosystem. We believe in the need for people and nature to work together to create a world that supports and balances the needs of both. To that end, we offer education and programs that do more than just teach tactical skills focused on ecosystem sustainability and regeneration. We nurture spaces where everyone can be authentic and where people can create regenerative bonds between the individual and themselves, their community, and the landscape.

Our educational and self-development programs are presented in the beautiful natural setting of our space at Camp do Vale, near Lagos, Portugal, and are available throughout the year for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Human beings are having an ever-increasing impact on the planet and our societies

 What we offer

Personal and social development

Collaborate and learn in nature

Integrate ecological and social domains

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Novas Descobertas Association has been creating and offering quality educational programs in the western Algarve for 30 years.

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Our transformational learning experiences connect people with themselves, each other, and with nature.