Our transformational learning experiences connect people with themselves, each other, and with nature.

Nature-connected programs for learners of all ages

Novas Descobertas Association programs provide participants with important perspectives and skills in a variety of areas and formats. Our structured pedagogical framework ensures that our programs are engaging, relevant, and impactful, incorporating themes of personal development, community engagement, and ecosystem sustainability and regeneration. From fun-focused day camps for our youngest participants to technical courses for older participants, we offer a full range of programs that incorporate our stunning natural setting.

For Ages 6-16

Nature-connected educational programs for youth.

For Ages 16+

Programs for older learners with a deep interest in regeneration-focused learning.

Youth Programs

Our youth programs allow participants to experience a natural setting and the routine of the farm while having fun in groups through various activities, developing skills of inclusion and community learning, and creating healthy ties with themselves, the group, and nature.

Summer Day Camps

Ages: 6 to 10
Dates: July to September 2024
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Residential Summer Camps

Ages: 8 to 17
Dates: July to September 2024
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Adult and Young Adult Programs

Our programs for young adults and adults allow participants to gain specialized knowledge and skills, and to then go into the world and actively apply their learnings and be agents for change in the area of eco-social regeneration. Collaboration and facilitation are key components of these programs.

Permaculture Design Course

Ages: 18+
Dates: October 6 to 20, 2024
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