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Each participant can only register for one shift. If you select more than one shift, you will be placed on a waiting list for the second option. The participant's registration is only valid once they have received a confirmation email from Novas Descobertas Association and have paid the deposit within 5 days of receiving the email.

Residential summer camp shifts 2024: 

Shift I -  Date: June 29 to July 7; Number of days: 9; Ages: 12 to 17 (NOT AVAILABLE)
Shift II - Date: July 13 to 19; No. of days: 7; Ages: 8 to 12 years old (NOT AVAILABLE)
Shift III - Date: July 26 to August 6; No. of days: 12; Ages: 12 to 17 years old
Shift IV* - Date: August 12 to 20; No. of days: 9; Ages: 8 to 17 years old SOLD OUT (You can stay on the waiting list)
Shift V - Date: August 26 to September 1; Number of days: 7; Ages: 8 to 17 SOLD OUT (You can stay on the waiting list)
Shift VI - Date: September 7 to 13; No. of days: 7; Ages: 8 to 17 years old
* There are only 10 places available on this shift. The other 20 places are funded and can be applied for directly with the Portuguese Sports Youth Institute.
Shift I and IV (9 days) - 320,00€ or 305,00€ (for siblings)
Shift II, V and VI (7 days) - 300,00€ or 285,00€ (for siblings)
Shift III (12 days) - 430,00€ or 415,00€ (for siblings)

NOVAS DESCOBERTAS MEMBERS (with up-to-date membership fees when registering and before paying the deposit)
Shift I and IV (9 days) - 295,00€ or 280,00€ (for siblings)
Shift II, V and VI (7 days) - 275,00€ or 260,00€ (for siblings)
Shift III (12 days) - 405,00€ or 390,00€ (for siblings)

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Date of birth
Type and select the country name
Languages spoken (select all that apply)
Does the participant have a sibling(s) taking part in the same summer camp?


Please indicate if the participant has any allergies, is on a particular diet, takes any medication* or has any other medical condition. *Must bring a doctor's prescription
NOTE: It is recommended that the participant be seen by their doctor before attending any Summer Camp. By signing this form, the guardian takes responsibility for the perfect physical and psychological health of the participant.
** All participants in AND summer camps are covered by a personal accident policy for the 24 hours of the days of the summer camp, in accordance with the provisions of article 17 of Decree-Law no. 304/2003 of December 9 and Ordinance no. 629/2004 of June 12 **.
Does the participant take medication prescribed by a doctor?
Examples - vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free


Has the participant ever taken part in a residential summer camp?
Can the participant swim?

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